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Welcome to Mompreneur, CEO! Home of all Chief Executive Officers of the fam bam! 

I'm so excited that you've visited. My passion is home businesses and anything related to self employment. If you've ever shopped a local business, THANK YOU! When you shop local, your dollars are going towards grocery bills, dance lessons for children, pee wee baseball leagues, and college tuition funds. So much nicer than the thought of padding someone's pocket so they can afford their private jet and chauffeured limo. 

One of my favorite things about Direct Sales is how wide the variety is! No matter what you're into, there's probably a company that is a perfect fit for you! There are the commonly known jewelry and makeup companies, but there are some niche specific ones that I've just learned about recently! For example, there's a company called Jerky Direct that specializes in beef, buffalo, chicken, and turkey jerky, and even carries some special pet treats! I also love Linen World that offers luxury home goods (bedding, kitchen and bath goods, etc) at affordable pricing. American Serenade promotes coffee, wine, and tea.

Here at Mompreneur, CEO I offer free advertising and review links for all types of DS business owners! I love to do anything I can to help others. Personally, I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant. I provide Facebook parties and in-home skin care parties. I am a skin care freak! And I just love sharing my knowledge and products of skin care because it can really help women walk out the door feeling like a million dollars.

I've been in the world of Direct Sales since 2009 and I truly LOVE it. If you've ever been interested in working from home, or earning a few extra dollars to help support your family, please stick around. You may even want to check out our Find Your Future page to learn more about companies that could be a great fit for you!

You are ALWAYS welcome to contact me, too! I love helping people succeed. So if you ever want tips, need positive support, or just want to know a little more about the business, please feel free to contact me.

Good luck in all of your endeavors!
Love and success,

Sharon LaRouge

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