Thursday, October 23, 2014

Can I Really Start a Business For Free?

In my experience in Direct Sales, I've always thought that starting your own home business would cost a minimum of $99 - $199, which seems to be the average amount for purchasing a starter kit. That is, until I discovered Avon. Then suddenly, I started learning about all kinds of companies that offer free start-up fees, free websites, and many that don't require any inventory requirements or sales requirements!

So here it is! A list of companies that require little to NO start up fees!


This company features home goods for every room of your home.


Offers beautiful bracelets and charms, comparable to the Pandora bracelet.

Enter Rep ID Number 4198

Delicious sweets for every taste bud! This company offers delectable treats of many flavors using wholesome ingredients. Also find free recipes on their website.


This company specializes in jewelry lockets, comparable to Origami Owl accessories.


Chemical-free home cleaning products

FREE WEBSITE:   No ($9.99/month)

Vitamin supplements and vitamin-enhanced protein shakes, also known as Thrive.

COMMISSION:      20%

Jerky of all kinds! Here you'll find beef, buffalo, and turkey jerky, along with treats for your furry friends!

COMMISSION:      20%

Soy L Scents carries all natural candles made from soybeans and natural botanical oils.

COMMISSION:       35% 


Personalized/monogrammed items such as bags, coolers, and jewelry

COMMISSION:      20%

Soy candles, fashion accessories, and home goods



Offers a colorful variety of jewelry, charms and lockets.
COMMISSION:      30%

Carries Mia Bella natural wax candles and other gourmet products.


This company offers accessories such as handbags, jewelry, charms, and footwear

COMMISSION:      30%


No-heat finger nail wraps and designs


Rustic, country western, apparel, home decor, and accessories.

COMMISSION:      30%

Makeup, skin care, body care
*$10 to sign up with Avon in person with a current rep, $15-20 to sign up online. I have found conflicting information regarding online registration.

COMMISSION:      20%

Jewelry and accessories

COMMISSION:      20%


Clothing, shoes, accessories
**This is a brand new company launching November 2014!

COMMISSION:      40%

Nutritional and dietary supplements

FREE WEBSITE:   Undetermined
COMMISSION:      15%

Hand-crafted decorative home goods

COMMISSION:      25%


So there you have it! Starting a home business can be much easier than you think. While most direct sales companies are generally the same, each runs their business just a little differently than others.

If you're considering starting a home business for some extra money for your family, I would suggest checking out each company to see what they sell and to see if something interests you and the circle of friends you have. Then contact a few people from the companies you're interested in so you have an idea of who you'd like to sign up under. Your success can be very dependent on who your upline is!

In a few months I'll be publishing a post on the tax benefits of having a home business, so keep an eye out for that!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Your Home-Biz, Under $20 Christmas Shopping Guide!

It's hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner! Where did this year go? While I was visiting a friend last weekend, she mentioned that she had already done most of her Christmas shopping already, and I was shocked! Halloween hasn't even gotten here yet! So I asked her what kinds of things she had bought her family. She started listing off a few things, and I realized that she had been doing a lot of her shopping online!

So that got me thinking! I know so many people who run a home business in direct sales, so I thought that I'd put together a fabulous shopping guide for you! All the items listed are linked to the personal websites of your local business owners so you can easily finish up your Christmas shopping in your jammies!

Many of these items are great as little stocking stuffers, gifts to bring to the company Christmas party, or maybe for a gift exchange! Whatever the occasion, you're sure to find something cute and affordable here.

None of these are affiliate links, nor is this a sponsored post. Everyone here appreciates your support for small business owners.  Happy shopping!



Perfectly Posh: Ra-Ra Raspberry Lip Balm $4

Seacret: Mineral Body Soap $14.95




Scentsy: Plug-in Warmer $20


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What is Kitnapping and How Can it Change Your Life?

What is kitnapping? I've just heard the term recently, and as soon as I saw a thread on Facebook about it I read up all the comments! Although it seems like a great idea, some comments lead me to believe it's a bit of a touchy subject.

Basically, kitnapping is when you sign up with a Direct Sales business solely for the purpose of getting their starter kit, which is usually worth hundreds of more dollars than what you actually spend on the sign-up. For instance, when I signed up to start  Mary Kay, I spent $75 on the kit (normally $99; it was on sale that month), and I ended up receiving over $400 worth of goodies.

Many people, I've found, will 'kitnap' from a DS company that they are interested in or just really like the products, for the intention of getting either a ton of stuff in their kit, or maybe to also use the consultant discount for their own purchases. What has happened to a few people who've done that was unexpected to say the least.

Some have found that after getting to know the product, they love it so much that they share it with some friends. Then they love it so much that they want to buy it! Well, you just became a consultant, so they can actually order from you know, and you've just made a few extra bucks! And before you know it, word of mouth is spreading the news and you've got more sales coming your way. Suddenly, you've actually got a business on your hands here!

I talked with a few ladies about their experience in kitnapping and asked if they would share their stories here. This is how their lives were changed...

Name: Stephanie Lintz
Business: Simply Aroma
Years in Business: almost 6 months                                                         
Personal website:     (< I love it!)

I was inspired to kitnap from Simply Aroma because it was free and an incredible value with no strings attached! I thought I would simply snag my kit and none of my sweet friends who were signed up with competing essential oil companies would even have to know about it!
There are three reasons why I ended up making a business out of my kit. 
First, I was sold on the high quality of the oils and how effective they were. I felt that I could not only be proud to represent this company, but I could truly help improve the lives of others, which is fulfilling.

Second, their policies revolve around helping their consultants succeed. My sponsor and team that I lucked into finding are equally supportive and I love them to pieces. 

Third, the opportunity provided by getting into a company at the ground floor can't be measured. They were only 6 months old when I joined them, and that was a huge part of my decision to stay.
Simply Aroma has been great for my family because we homeschool, and any income I make can only happen if it fits into my schedule. 
My children always come first and being in direct sales is the perfect business to schedule around our busy lives. And most importantly, Simply Aroma has given us all a safe, healthy alternative to medications and chemicals, and the discount I receive comes in handy!
I would encourage anyone to kitnap with one caveat: follow the rules of the company! I would never encourage anyone to break a company's rules. But since many of my teammates are kitnappers, you can't discount the value of picking up a kit just to try the products. Many companies have ended up with lifetime customers and consultants because of this practice. 
In fact, my other company, Jamberry Nails, advertises their 'hobbiest' option (Think: cushy discounts without being a full-fledged consultant). 

My advice to someone who wants to kitnap is to be honest with the person sponsoring them so they don't get their hopes up that you'll be off and running on week one! It's a professional courtesy that will also benefit you and give you some protection against an overbearing sponsor. 

Name: Nicole Romanello
Business: Scentsy
Years in Business: almost 1 year

I simply started with Scentsy as a kitnapper because I was introduced to the product and loved it. So I figured, why not get everything that comes in the kit for the small cost of $99? I had no intentions of building a business with Scentsy. I just wanted to be selfish. 
So I got my warmer and my wax and I plugged it in. When I came home from work the next day I was amazed at how my house smelled! That weekend I had some friends over and they all asked
what that amazing smell was. I simply pulled out my things that I had gotten in my kit and showed them. Well by the end of the night I had over $300 in orders!
Since then I have had huge success with my business. I have had three promotions since I started in February [2014], and I was able to cut my work hours in half. I used to work over 50 hours per week. Now I'm working 20-25 hours per week!

I would encourage anyone to kitnap with Scentsy because once you plug that warmer in, you have no idea how many others will be wanting to order! Scentsy sells itself once you introduce it to your friends, family, and co-workers! So go ahead and kitnap and enjoy the product you'll receive! 

Name: Merry Millard
Business: Thirty-One Gifts
Years in Business: 2.5
Personal website: 

I was inspired to kitnap from Thirty-One because I felt that the $99 startup cost was an awesome way to obtain product. I had an inkling I was going to try being a consultant, but at first I didn't have much faith that I was going to be successful at it. It was really just a way to have products at a discount.

What inspired me to actually build a business out of it was all the support and training I was able to be a part of. Even though I am in Florida, and my Executive Director is in California, I am still a message or a call away. Every win or even small achievement is celebrated and acknowledged for the importance of it.

This company is more than about the bags. The bags are a vehicle to an end result. Making connections, getting to know those we interact with, celebrating our hosts, encouraging others and rewarding their actions are all a part of the company.

Thirty-One has helped increase my self confidence and helped me to step outside my usual comfort zone, try things, and make new connections, which are all things I would not have done before.

It has also helped me provide extra income for my family to help pay for things we need, such as gas and food; and it has also allowed me to support organizations and causes that I feel strongly about.

Kitnapping can be a good way to get to know a variety of products that a company offers for a lower fee than if one were to purchase them all at full retail. Thirty-One offers a three month trial, where
you can try being a consultant for three months, and if it doesn't you work out, then you keep the kit and that is it. I like that idea.

I find this topic interesting. I think at some point we all kitnap when starting a business. It's what we do with it in the end that makes the difference.

My advice to someone wanting to kitnap would be to give the company a try. Step out of what feels comfortable and you never know, you may just find your next great passion.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Experimenting with Makeup Eraser (My first testimonial!)

Welcome to my first DS product testimonial!

I had the lovely opportunity to meet Alicia Goodwin, who owns her own Makeup Eraser business; and since I had just barely heard of MUE recently, I asked her about it!

So first of all, let's go ahead and clarify what Makeup Eraser really is. MUE is a 100% handcrafted
luxurious Polyester towel that removes makeup with nothing other than water. It is soooo soft! It reminds me of microfiber and feels very nice against your skin.

This MUE will last for about 1,000 washes (roughly 3 years), it won't stain, and the only maintenance that it needs is to be thrown in the laundry with the rest of your towels.

Alicia's favorite thing about her Makeup Eraser is that it is 100% chemical free! It doesn't irritate her sensitive skin or leave her feeling oily, and works just as well as  store-bought makeup removers.

When I heard about this product I was so curious to try it out! I was surprised that it said this can remove ALL makeup, including liquid eyeliner and mascara.

It comes in a super cute eraser-shaped box, so it was a delightful package to receive in my mailbox!

I checked my mail literally on the way to my car for a short road trip! My boyfriend and I are house-sitting for a friend in Big Bear, CA. this weekend, so it was a bonus to take along with me! Perfect time for a car selfie! (Don't worry, my bf was driving! ;)

And here's all the contents:

The directions indicate that you need to wash the MUE before your first use, but since I had literally just done a load of laundry hours before getting it in the mail, I opted to hand wash it once I got to our friends house, and then I let it air dry. This seemed to work out just fine, and I think it's recommended because some of the pink dye comes out during the first wash.

Side note - have any of you ever been to Big Bear? It is SO pretty up here! This is our view from the back patio.

I thoroughly enjoy drinking my morning coffee out here. It's so quiet I can almost hear my heart beating! If the drive up the mountain wasn't so laborious I would totally consider moving up here.

So onto our experiment! As you can see, I've got a full face of makeup on today - mineral foundation, blush, three shades of pink eye shadow (I wish that came out better in the picture because it's totally cute!), liquid liner, mascara, and eyebrow enhancer.

By the time I got to washing my makeup off that night, the Makeup Eraser was mostly dry from my pre-wash. So I soaked it with warm water and wrung out most of it. I started easy - on my cheeks. With just a few circular swirls of the MUE I could see the mineral foundation and blush were coming off quite easily.

I moved on to my eye makeup and was pleasantly surprised to see how easily it was all coming off! I did have to add a little more water, and after that it was all a breeze.

 So here's my naked face, post-MUE! As you can see I was a bit apprehensive about showing you my naked face LOL. 

I'm thinking that with Halloween just around the corner, this would be a great addition to pick up along with all that costume makeup that you'll be putting on! What a great way to get all that off at the end of the night (or the next morning!) without any hassle.

So once I was finished up, I hand-washed my Makeup Eraser with warm water and my classic Ivory soap and the makeup came off very easily (is there Teflon in this material?) and hung it up to dry for next time!

I really am amazed at how well this works, and I think it's so great that you can remove ALL of your makeup with absolutely no chemicals or oily store-bought makeup removers. The fact that it lasts so long is such an awesome bonus!

Here's what Alicia said about her first experience with MUE and why she chose to start her own business:

I was inspired to join the company after seeing that the product actually worked! I also fell in love with the ability to not only sell online, but to truly make this a business by setting up retail accounts and giving them an opportunity to make a profit as well.
So if you'd like to try this awesome Makeup Eraser yourself, or if you're interested in learning more about how to earn some extra holiday cash, or even how to start your own business, contact Alicia here!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finding Your Passion in Direct Sales

In my close circle of friends, I am the only one who is self employed. It is not the most popular choice among most, and I think it takes someone very unique to truly make it on their own.

Some people have asked me before what it takes to succeed in Direct Sales. I believe it takes two things - you have to be teachable, and you have to find a company that fits you.

*Please note: the term "success" when referring to Direct Sales is a very subjective term, and really relates to what that persons goals are. If your goal is to make a side income to fund a family vacation, you cannot compare yourself to someone who is working on becoming a stay at home mom. The goals for everyone are going to be different. 

Become a Sponge

What I mean by teachable is that you have to be willing to be a sponge and soak up all of the training
that is available to you. Look to the people who are in leadership positions in your DS company. Ask them what they did to make it to where they are today? I have met a TON of people that have started with a Direct Sales company (my own specifically, but also in others) that have done well at coming to every training meeting there is, taking awesome notes, studying all the material...and then take absolutely no action. It does you no good to ask for advice and then not do anything with it!

I built a very successful business with Safety Pro, and what I saw month after month, year after year, was that the people who showed up to weekly meetings were the ones who succeeded the most. If your company provides weekly training, GO. The motivation alone will be a huge help in your success. Nothing is required in this business, which is why some people cut corners. But if you follow the advice of those before you, you're far more likely to do well.

Other places to find training will be on your personal web pages (not the shopping one, of course, but the one where you place orders, etc.), YouTube videos, and books. Stay in touch with our Read Your Way to Success page for recommended reading.

True Love in Direct Sales

Finding a company that fits you is almost the same as finding a life partner. How many dates have you gone on before finding The One? Not to mention the fact that many people have found who they thought was The One, only to see things fall apart a few years down the road.

I have been with three other DS companies before finding Mary Kay. Although I love some of the products from the companies that I was with before, I really wasn't passionate enough about them to build a lifelong business with them.

Don't Give Up!

If you've ever walked away from a Direct Sales business but still love the idea of being self employed, please don't give up! Your success can also depend on you finding a company that really fits you. There is a fantastic group on Facebook that I am a part of, called Promoting Direct Sales. Spend some time on that page, and you will find out about all sorts of companies! There is such a wide variety that I'm sure you'll find something to suit your needs.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that building a business takes time. Don't quit your day job just yet! But put together a plan that will help you get there in the next year. In the mean time, start focusing on building relationships. Mostly with your  clients. A client will make a better team member than anyone else! They've already used your product, they know your product (less training), and they believe in your product. That is key. Audrey from ItWorks agrees: "You have to be a product of the product! How can you expect others to use it if you don't use it?" 

Advice From the Pros

Attract, don't push. People join people, not companies. Act with integrity and honesty, and you'll attract that into your organization. Learn Attraction Marketing Strategies well.
Connor, Sales and Marketing Trainer

Be passionate about what you're offering! What is your "why"?
Tina, Stella and Dot

If someone joins your team, make sure they know you're always there for them.
Amanda, Makeup Eraser

No need to reinvent the wheel, the system works! Follow your leaders, do your training, take full advantage of team support.
Debbie, Nerium International

Remember your "why"...Why you started, why you love [your company], why you believe in the
products...Don't ever give up on that!

Please read your manuals! No question is stupid. We were all first at one time! It's all about teamwork and motivating each other on our journey.
Andrea, Younique

Step outside of your comfort zone, get away from the computer, and go talk to people face to face. It might be scary at first, but you are missing a world of opportunity by focusing just on the internet.
Melissa, Endless Xpressions

The only competition you are in is with yourself! Don't worry about who everyone else on the team or in the company is doing on their sales. They have a different situation than you do. Just constantly push yourself to beat your best.
Laura, Passion Parties

What is your "why"? If it does not make you cry, it is not your why!
Justine, Origami Owl

First and foremost, write down your goals of where you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. Write it down, show it to everyone. Make sure to have someone hold you accountable for everything, too!
Jennifer, Kalypso Twistz

Be consistent, consistency yields results. Your goal should be to share your business consistently every day.
Priscilla, Rejuvenetics

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome to Mompreneur, CEO!

My passion for Direct Sales and helping others succeed is what inspired this blog. I have some amazing ideas for the future that will include a unique and exciting form of networking for those of us in the DS world. I cannot wait to connect with you in the near future! Please stay connected by following this blog, and hopefully you'll gain some new ideas, or at least find some inspiration to share with your team!